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Fri, 23 Dec 2005

Rails Presentations from ApacheCon '05

Copies of my Rails presentation from ApacheCon US '05 are up (finally). My apologies for having the wrong one on the CD from the conference. I think the CD makes up for it though by including a presentation on Drools under the Rails talk demonstration, along with the older version (and probably more useful to a non-live audience) of the Rails slides.

This was a fun, though somewhat scary, talk to give. It was fun because the subject is dear to my heart (I do believe that Ruby (and Rails)) is better for a lot (not all) of the development being done right now). It was scary because Rails is such a hot topic that it lead to a really big audience and probably high expectations. Then Craig and Craig started asking questions. Craig and Craig being rather eminent people in their respective fields, those fields being object/relational mapping and web frameworks respectively (rather relevant to Rails).

Feedback aftward indicated that the presentation was useful and enjoyable though. Phew!

If I can figure out a way to post the presentation complete with the undead (not live, but it looks live) code I will. Right now that would mean posting a 70 meg keynote file though and I don't want to inflict that on my bandwidth consumption =(

ps: an interesting conversation occured right before the talk. It was interesting for two reasons. First, the guy I was talking to (at ApacheCon) responds to an email address. Second, he was looking for someone to give a talk about Rails (not for Microsoft directly, though).

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