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Wed, 08 Mar 2006

Live from ETech '06: Part 4

Yahoo! Developer Stuff Advertainment. "Tribal Platform" idea. Is interesting, and probably a good approach. They are trying hard at community development and the tribe metaphor. "Design tribe" and "Development tribe" and how you design interaction in this.

Heh, I'll call it "working class interface" as it sure as heck isn't rich, but it is a siginficant step up from stateles web interaction.

Back to Yahoo! guy. "Interactive patterns of attention." Immediacy -- autocomplete, livesearch, etc. He is trying to name patterns of interaction and create shared concept. Pattern as basis for shared concept and definition. [me] Pattern is popular term for definition of abstract idea[/me]. "If done correctly [ajax stuff] can be really annoying, eh, if done incorrectly."

"get rid of boundaries" infinite scrolling, search without paging from the live demo earlier, etc. 'Light footprint' -- ointeraction as subset of total interaction.

[me] be nice to finally get rid of the wizard and replace with an unstructured in time interaction coordinated visually instead of temporally.[/me]

Transitions to indicate relationships between elements ans symmetry of action (if it flows one way it can flow the other way). He mentioned microformats. Why micro? Sheesh, the word "schema" is too overloaded maybe? Ugh, the fight for names and the ego of creating the name.

Back to talking about creating a common vocabulary and patterns as a basis for common vocabulary (which is correct). Ugh, dislike this soundbite "surfacing a vocabulary." They have some smart DHTML hackers. Ah, cool the Yahoo UI stuff is BSD license. Kept meaning to look up what it was.

He's finished, nice talk.

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