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Fri, 21 Dec 2007

Loving Scala: Scripting

So, I generally have two classes of scripting needs: systemy/unixy stuff and systemy/application stuff. Most of the applications I work with in $dayjob are Java. Over the last year or two that means I use Ruby (MRI or JRuby) as the case may be. Tonight, prodded by the new book I broke out Scala for doing a bunch of in-REPL statistics crunching using the wonderful commons-math library.

I love it. Don't know if I love it enough to replace JRuby for typical Java-interaction hackery, but enough that I am going to switch back and forth for a while so I can decide.

Hadn't actually used scala in a few years, so is great to break it out again!

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Thu, 13 Jul 2006

Interesting Concurrency Paper

via LtU an interesting approach to concurrency in Scala. Check the paper and see if a discussion ensues.

I want to write more about this approach to concurrency as it hooks into a CPS style of programming I see coming up all over the place in JavaScript. Those thoughts will have to wait until morning though :-)

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Sun, 05 Mar 2006

Scala Getting Noticed!

First, I didn't know Ted Neward had a technical blog. I only knew about some other one which I now cannot find. Maybe it moved and I misse dth enote somehow? Anyway, (Re-)Subscribed. Second, he has been looking quite a bit at Scala and going to be talking about it at NFJS. This rocks!

I still maintain that anything which replaces Java as a de facto standard is going to look and smell a lot like Scala.

update: fixed typos, shouldn't be typing when really tired

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Fri, 22 Oct 2004

Scala Interactive Shell

Never noticed this before somehow:

[mccallister@kite ~]$ scalaint
  __ __  _      _
 (_ /   /_||   /_|   INTERPRETER
___)\__/  ||__/  |   (c) 2002-04, LAMP/EPFL
 type :? to get a list of all interpreter commands
> Console.println("Hello World!");
Hello World!
(): scala.Unit
> :quit
[Leaving scalaint]
[mccallister@kite ~]$ 

Now to provide telnet into scala shell as well as groovy shell and grash =)

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Mon, 28 Jun 2004

Scala in Flight

Spent flight out to JavaOne working through Scala tutorials, etc. Cool language. Feels very clean and fun =)

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