Brian's Waste of Time

Sun, 22 Aug 2004

Go Learn $language NOW!

Most people who read my blog are java programmers, I think. If you are, and you didn't migrate to Java from another tribe in order to find a job, go learn another language, start right now. Pick a category and pick one, or pick one from each =)

Languages which will make it hurt to use Java again

Languages which will make you smarter and are even useful

Language from which Java's replacement will get its ideas

Languages if you don't want to stray too far from Java

Most elegant language first implemented on the JVM (which seems to borrow a lot of ideas from ocaml ;-)

Thank you to Bill de hOra and Tim Bray for prompting me to say this now rather than later =) Java is a nice language, but it is far from the end of the world. It is well suited for what it was designed for, taking C++ programmers a step closer to Lisp, and building really big systems with really big teams of $programmerish_titles. That isn't most development, it is simply the most expensive.

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