Brian's Waste of Time

Fri, 29 Oct 2004

Lots of One-Shot Code Generation

The last few days I have been doing a lot of sql, sql*loader, and pl/sql work; and have been trying out TextMate. It hasn't replaced vim for me, but is nice for projects, and nice for handling short one-shot scripts. I keep trying to use IDEA key bindings. D'oh.

The point isn't TextMate though, it is the pattern of behavior I found myself in. As going from doc -> sql -> control file ( cycle back to doc ) is very repetitive I found myself finally just pulling out info and firing off ruby scripts to generate lots of java, sql, and control files. This isn't anything new, not by a long shot. The interesting part was the frequency I was firing off code generation scripts for one-shot c&p, and how little time it took. Ruby and erb kick butt, and combined with an editor built around playing with scripts, it was really efficient.

In the past most of my code generation has been regenerate-at-build-time style, not one-shot c&p into existing files. Was interesting. Ah well, off to chug through more fun stuff =)

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