Brian's Waste of Time

Thu, 06 Jan 2005

Finding New Things (in Rails)

Started a new Rails app this evening -- we cannot decide where to register for our wedding, so we're not registering somewhere, we're doing our own registry. Along the way I noticed that there is more than the good old apache.log in the $RAILS_PROJECT/logs. A screenie is the only way to do justice to the pretty nice default logging setup:

logging output

This is sort of what using Rails is mostly like. You stumble on a really nice gem—the default logging giving you a breakdown of execution times, translating it to requests per second, giving you any sql, execution times on the sql, etc. Oh yeah, nicely color coding and bolding as well. Then you stumble on another gem. It feels like programming in ruby, where things surprise you by being just really well done, and easier than expected.

Nothing earth shattering, paradigm shifting, etc -- it just works better than expected, consistently.


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