Brian's Waste of Time

Sun, 15 Mar 2009

jDBI in JRuby

By lucky happenstance, the interfaces and idioms of jDBI work very nicely with JRuby's coercion from Ruby to Java.

require 'jruby'
require 'derby-'
require 'jdbi-2.2.2.jar'

dbi ="jdbc:derby:/tmp/woof;create=true")

dbi.withHandle do |h|
  h.createQuery("select name from woof").each do |rs|
    puts rs['name']

It isn't perfect, I'd hoped the short form (rather than fluent form) of the handle interface would work like

h.execute "insert into woof (name) values (:name)", ["brian"]

but alas, it does not. JRuby isn't coercing the ruby array into a Java object array to match the function signature (String, Object[]). Still, they do play awfully nicely together!

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