Brian's Waste of Time

Wed, 08 Dec 2004

I am, apparently, a Java Apologist

I had a fantastic conversation with David Heinemeier Hansson on IRC yesterday. I tend to lurk #rubyonrails when I am on IRC, and I was flipping across tabs and noticed some serious java bashing going on ("i hear jumping off a tall building is a good alternative to java" type bashing). Now, I am happy to point out where Java is awkward, and am a firm believer that language matters, but I couldn't resist the bait so dove in to ask "why?" "Why," is a deadly question, as the parent of any four year old can tell you ;-)

Anyway, there were some trolls while it went on, some very amusing trolls, but the core of the conversation focused, from my perspective, on the different mindsets of developers and different realities (not jobs, but perceptions of realities (teaser -- I call Java the pessimist)) that they work in. I'd give a full recap, but don't have time at the moment -- hopefully will tonight when I get home from work =)

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