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Fri, 01 Jul 2005

Where are the Components? The Haus!

I read another "Where are the components?" lament recently -- someone wondering where all this great, reusable, object-oriented code could be found. Dude, it's all over! All these frameworks people complain about having to choose between, all the libraries people complain about serving no reasonable purpose (except when suddenly you need them!). Crap, they're all over.

I bumped into a side growth of that -- the component instead of library or framework is out there too. As, over the last couple years, less intrusive component containers have been catching on, component integration has been moving to the component level instead of container level. If you look at Spring, it bootstrapped itself into relevance by bundling integration code for a bunch of different libraries, effectively componentizing those libraries. Now you see most new libraries componentizing themselves and making that their default mode of operation. Cool stuff!

Nosing around the haus again really drove that home. Almost every library-oriented project there (which is almost every project there) has hooks to bind to almost every container in even limited use. Crazy! Is a big library-integration lovefest.

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