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Sat, 05 Mar 2005

Struts on Rails =D

JamesOfTheDesert pulled a good one on /. today when another Rails article was posted:

> It's a collection of Java Best Practices rewritten in a 'cool' geeky language. 
> Nothing new....

Quite true. For example, Java Best Practice #1 is to avoid using long, detailed 
XML files for configuration, and instead use the programming languge itself, 
which is dynamically loaded and interpreted when needed.

Another Java Best Practice is to let the framework write the tedious boilerplate 
code for you. For example, in Struts, you just run

% struts myAppName
and you're halfway done writing your Web application.

Here's one more Java Best Practice: Avoid expensive , complex application server 
software, and do rapid development using the Web server that is built into the 
standard library. Then deploy to the Web server of choice with no code changes 
or quirky vendor-specific API hacks.

Maybe it's time to start browsing /. again when stuff like that is modded (Score:5, Insightful)

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