Brian's Waste of Time

Tue, 03 Jan 2006

Servlets 2.5

Just read over Jason Hunter's summary of the servlet 2.5 spec. Easiest way to sum it up is to point out that the two things I wanted most got punted for future consideration:

To the first: I suspect the reason why the servlet spec doesn't let you programatically log in -- it would be placing auth control somewhere the spec wrter's don't trust, in the hand's of people writing webapps. Pass-though auth is usually used when you need trusted authorization to an untrusted system. Oops.

"It's possible NIO Channels would be a more efficient" -- ROFL. It is possible, also, that the sum of two and two is four.

Sorry for griping, it is just there were two things that the EG said they'd address which I really wanted to see addressed. Those were them. Both were punted on. Instead we got annotations and syntax sugar in web.xml. Syntax sugar ... in ... xml.

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