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Fri, 20 May 2005

SeeBeyond Web Site: Total Incompetence =)

So, I need to get some information on SeeBeyond's integration stuff. I go to fill out their "please contact me" form. Hilarity ensues.

First, on the dropdown for What industry is your company? (which is such a wrong question all by itself, "Dude, I am pharma," and is grammatically incorrect aside from being semantically incorrect) try selecting Other. See yourself redirected to their homepage. Oops.

Okay, hit the back button, notice it left it on Other and continue to fill out the form. Submit form. See javascript popup saying Company name is required. No biggie, would be nice for them to highlight the actual field or something, but hey, I'll take it. I fill in company name, resubmit.

URL is required

Fill in url. Re-submit.

How did you hear about SeeBeyond is required

This one is tricky. They have a text field for Other, which I had filled in, but no option in the drop down list for Other. Being annoyed now, I try to figure which of the listed options is the most expensive for the least return, and have trouble deciding between Tradeshow and Industry Analyst -- I go with Tradeshow, I am not sure what the current "independent study" payoff cost is, so I opted to err on the side of the absurd. Really it is a contact who said they might be worth looking at, but he wasn't sure.

I submit.

error '8000ffff'

/scripts/contactSalesForm.asp, line 169

So, while I would love to talk to some SeeBeyond folks about their software, they have effectively DOS'd themselves.

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