Brian's Waste of Time

Thu, 11 Mar 2004

PhillyJug OJB and Spring Presentations

Thomas Risberg and myself are giving two presentations in one night at PhillyJUG on March 30'th. Thomas is introducing Spring, focusing on its persistence systems. I am giving a talk on Apache OJB focusing on how to get beer =)

Outline for "Using Apache OJB (to Get Beer)"
Object persistence from the client (Beer Truck Example)
How does it know what to do (Mapping)?
What about transactions?
How about caching?
When, where, and how should I use OJB?

Outline for "Spring Framework -- DAO and JDBC support":
- Problems using straight JDBC
- How Spring's JDBC support solves some of these problems
- Overview of Spring Framework
- Introduction to Dependency Injection with Spring
- Spring's JavaBean Configuration for JDBC DataSource
- Beer Distributor Example -- The Spring JDBC solution
- Object Relational Mapping integration support
- Declarative Transaction Management (without EJB)

Will be interesting presenting to this group as a whole lot of people with a whole lot more experience than me will be in the audience. PhillyJUG is a pretty intense JUG and there are a lot of sharp people around the Philly area.

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