Brian's Waste of Time

Wed, 12 May 2004

Apologies to Marc Fleury

I posted some rather nasty comments about something Marc did at PhillyJUG recently because I was inordinately offended, but it turns out that my interpretation of what he was doing was wrong as I didn't get the Joker reference. Marc kindly explained what he was doing, and things make a lot more sense now =) Sorry for going ballistic, Marc.

That said, I still want to know why you keep saying Axis is dead in the water because IBM dropped out and supposedly took their code with them. The Axis codebase is being actively developed, had a release just last month, and the code is all still copyrighted by the ASF (multiple members of which are JBoss employees, effectively making them part owners of all the ASF code -- JBoss is quite an active contributor to a number of ASF projects, including, according to Bob Bickel, Axis).

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