Brian's Waste of Time

Sat, 21 Jun 2003 Incubator
Figuring since Migratosaur had been inducted into the incubator (I still haven't actually been notifed by email or anything) I should look around at the other incubator projects I did this morning. It is SourceForge all over again. Heaps of empty projects, reimplementations of the same bad blog, etc. One developer, no source, no updates, no news, nada.

Maybe some of them will get some source code, maybe not. An awful lot of the higher level projects are similarly ill-equipped. The Jakarta-General mailing list was full of suppositions that this was an attempt to model Apache more than SF - to build an open source community rather than a missing-source ghost town.

I have yet to receive an email from a single of the lists I signed up for (including the Incubator-Users list that Migratosaur was plopped into) and the blogs seem to be nothing but Sun-favored pundits. I had high hopes - CollabNet has a bunch of Jakarta PMC'ers involved, and O'Reilly is O'Reilly, but... Java.Net seems a lot like SF in all the worst ways. Hopefully community will grow out of it - but as long as the inner workings are all typical "Sun Shrouded Mystery" I doubt it will happen.

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