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Wed, 24 Dec 2003

Looking for a Home for Intercepts

I grepped through the access logs counting downloads of the intercept-library-without-a-cool-name and discovered people actually seem interested in it. Pretty cool. That brought up another thought, which is that I should probably move it somewhere with public CVS, bug tracking, mailing lists, and all that happy stuff.

My initial thought was to move it to the Apache Jakarta Commons Sandbox if the project caught on, but I am not sure that is a good place for it. For one, only 50% of the contributors are Apache committers, so we would have to get Chris an account with Apache (shouldn't be a problem just based on the committer list for cglib) but it seems like a lot of hassle. Also, Jakarta Commons is intended for projects that grew out of, and are used in, existing Apache projects. This library isn't, and may never be. Though it is already used in non-Apache projects (scary as it is still very young and not set in its interfaces).

I dislike the idea of going to SourceForge as their cvs and tools seem to be down as much as they are up. They provide a lot of nice services though, when those services are working. SF does make it easy to add committers without rigamarole, and provides the basic lists, bug tracking, etc though. is another option, but (despite the goodness) their layout, cvs access, etc are a royal mess. Their services are decent, but... I have had so much trouble getting to cvs for projects in the past that I hesitate to introduce that barrier to new contributors. Like, does make it easy to add committers and manage resources though.

Right now it is self-hosted, and that is working for now. I just don't feel like setting up serious project infrastructure (mailing lists, wiki, public cvs, etc) for it on my server.

I guess I am just cranky, and shouldn't be so demanding of free services. Anyone have any preference for where this project goes?

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