Brian's Waste of Time

Wed, 08 Dec 2004

Apache JDO

Dion let the cat out of the bag -- a JDO project is coming to Apache. At first I was concerned as the JSR220 unnamed-persistence-api spec is the official "right way" to go, but talking with Craig Russell at ApacheCon convinced me that yes, JSR220 is where the future is headed, but it is very much compatible with where this project is going -- particularly as one of the key goals is close ties with the Geronimo EJB-CMP and JSR220 unnamed-persistence-api implementations. In fact, they will use the same back end (the JDO project's backend is pretty much completely pluggable -- right now several exist, including the file system one that is bundled with the 1.0.X RI, and Apache OJB (via a plugin in the OJB repository).

This is, I think, one of the great things to fall out of the EJB and JDO folks agreeing to actually try to work together. What was "we hope they'll play nice with us" is now "oh crap, we'd better play nice together."

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