Brian's Waste of Time

Fri, 09 Sep 2005

Ahh, Rules =)

Gotta love trying to make up sample rules when discussing possible rule authoring options in drools...

mich__: I'm trying to imagine a scenario where a rule would be part of two groups
mich__: Two distinct groups where only one rule needs to execute
brianm: here is an example
brianm: off top of head
brianm: you have a wombat, the wombat is on fire, and cannot see
brianm: when the wombat is on fire you have options to:
brianm: rule 1) stop drop and roll
brianm: rule 2) jump in a lake
brianm: when the wombat cannot see it has options:
mich__: Obviously, it cant do both
brianm: rule 1) turn on the light
brianm: rule 2) use a torch
brianm: rules 2 are incompatible
brianm: only one can be used
proyal: if the wombat was on fire, could it not see from the light of the flames? 
brianm: proyal: hey, this is made up for example purposes =)
proyal: in your example, i would think that salience might work?
        since once the fire is put out, the 'on fire' fact would be revoked..
brianm: yeah, actually it could, being on fire is obviously much more important 
        to resolve

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