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Sat, 18 Feb 2006

Ning: Now Really Pretty =)

Whee, now that I am awake again I can can shout about it =) Massive overhaul of Ning went out the door Thursday morning at about 7am. When I woke up again Friday morning it was fiddling the bits that always go funny with a major release. Now that my soul has returned to my body from major-release induced jet-lag like sleep oddities (thank you for the analogy, Mr. Gibson, it is the best way to describe the feeling I have come across) I want to shout about it =)

The first thing I think folks notice is that Ning is now gorgeous =) It isn't only skin deep, though, we worked up some fantastic stuff under the covers. I could try to enumerate a lot of it, but well, take the most productive people I have ever worked with and put them in overdrive for two months on a feature driven release. Use your imagination.

Anyway, that is out. Woot! As exciting as this is, the more exciting is the foundational work that has been laid for what is coming. Open source work has been being short-shrifted for me lately because, well, my day job is too fun =)

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