Brian's Waste of Time

Fri, 20 Jun 2003

Groupware Woes

So I need to figure out a solution to a small company's groupware woes. The current leader of the pack for me is SuSE OpenExchange (SLOX) which does most of what I want. It isn't especially cheap though - Exchange is cheaper out-of-pocket than SLOX, but SLOX does come with an awful lot more functionality.

basically we just need powerful shared calendaring (publish/free-busy/edit other people's), email that plays nicely with the calendaring, and shared contacts. basic stuff - you'd think. The unspoken requirement is somethign that feels "native" in Outlook since we have a bunch of Outlook addicts. Shame Evolution hasn't been ported to Windows (hah).

Ah well, off to test I go.

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