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Thu, 12 May 2005

XMLStarlet Rocks!

Just found a pointer to XMLStarlet via Tom Moertel. Basically is a command line xml chainsaw -- lots of description, querying, transform, munging, etc capabilities for xml right on the command line, for example:

brianm@kite:~/src/jdbi$ xml sel -t -m 'project/target' \
                                   -v '@name' \
                                   -o ' : ' \
                                   -v '@description' \
compile : Compile all Source Files
compile-tests : Build source for unit tests
jar : Build Jar Library
clean : Remove All Artifacts
test : Run all junit tests
javadoc : Generate API Documentation
release : 
site : 


Which I already received grief on as being easier to do via ant -p -- but the point is to make an example with an xml format folks are very familia with =)

Installable via fink =) Rumor has it that it even works on Windoze!

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