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Sat, 31 Dec 2005

Scoble's Geek Dinner

I dropped in on Scoble's geek dinner thing down the street. I admit I had an agenda -- I wanted to catch up with Avi Bryant whom I have wanted to meet for a while as I think he does very interesting hacking, and as Dabble looks really cool. He demonstrated it for the Flock guys and myself and it makes gmail look like SquirrelMail in terms web applications compared to web sites. Very nice! I particularly like the hands-on data mucking aspect.

Along the way met at least one, possible more, of the Flock folks, who are all of a couple blocks away. Nice guy(s). Flock is actually much slicker than I had thought, too. They keep pushing it as a social bookmarking thing, which is not all that exciting to me. It is way more. I'm glad Andy showed me around the corners of it some. Need to break out the Javascript!

FInally, I may have conned Avi into giving me a Squeak tutorial. Apparently he suffered from the same "this cannot be serious" reaction I keep having to Squeak (and even Visual Works, though that is less glaringly obnoxious). Apparently when someone who is good shows you around things start clicking. I'll believe it after seeing what he's done. I would not want to write that in any kind of model 2 framework, period.

Fun time, hope to see ya'll again before too long!

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