Brian's Waste of Time

Sat, 15 Oct 2005

From RubyConf: Day 1

RubyConf has been fun, sleepy (got in late, woke up early, still on east coast time, but great fun =) Obie has been doing good presentation-by-presentation coverage, so I'll let him cover that. ;-)

SASADA Koichi is a fantastic presenter, and seeing how he is designing YARV was very interesting. I just wish I'd had more sleep. I need to dig through his presentation and try to remember some more C. I agree with him about block syntax in Ruby 2.0 =)

JRuby's progress is really interesting, the fact that it is being modeled on CISC and will be stackless via CPS is really cool. JRuby is definately alive and kicking.

On the flight and in some downtime today I've been beating on the ruby stomp client as well. Finally got a grip and started doing it right -- most of the old code has been thrown away and am doing it properly TDD this time. Basic client exists (it is that easy), but am still working on a better rubyomatic api.

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