Brian's Waste of Time

Tue, 21 Feb 2006

Philadelphia Emerging Technology

Philly Emerging Tech '06 has their registration open! I'm really glad to see this happening again this year. Last year was awesome. Basically it is a one-day, free conference on the hot and emerging software development technolgies around.

The speaker lineup is amazing this year, except for one bozo talking about rails. Kim Polese, Kito Mann, Patrick Linskey, Jason van Zyl, Thomas Risburg, and others (if I left you off it is not because you are not as awesome a speaker, it is because I selected a bunch more or less at random).

Chariot Solutions is sponsoring the conference again, and because I no longer work for them I can say with a straight face that they rock.

Anyway, Philadelphia, March 16, Free. Have Fun!

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