Brian's Waste of Time

Sun, 11 Apr 2004

Sad News: MS Dropping WinFS in Longhorn

I was seriously looking forward to MS giving the filesystem a swift kick in the rear. Hans Reiser and crew has been giving filesystems kicks for a while, but it helps when the 5000lb gorilla also gives a boot. It looks like their plans to do that have been dropped.

I am not a huge fan of MS's business practices, but when they let their legions of smart people loose on a problem cool things tend come from them. All too often these cool things are never productized or released though =(

Slightly related note -- I don't think WiX was MS's first real open source release. It seems to me they gave away the source (I never looked at the license, but the note attached to it implied that people were to go forth and use it) to one of the coolest computer games that no one ever played: Allegiance. It was a victim of poor marketing, which is weird coming from MS.

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