Brian's Waste of Time

Thu, 01 Jul 2004


Great, now there are 4 object/relational mapping "standards" going into the java[x].*.* namespaces.

On a seriouser note, JDBC4 == commons-dbutils with some annotation sugar and XML. It is SQL for VBScript. I don't think really hacking database code (which in the java world is apparently people doing O/R (possibly to one of the 4 official standards, and 1 unofficial standard (if hibernate is a standard like TSSS would have you think ;-))) will use any of the new stuff aside from the SQL 03 support =/ It is SQL for VBScript programmers. Certainly useful, but in jdbc?

Actually, it is worse. Right now when people want to do raw sql they *usually* externalize it. Now it sits in annotations which require a recompile and hunting through sourcecode to find. I guess you could do:

    public ResultSet @Query { sql="{query}" } find(String query);

but that is bleeding silly and i don't think would work as I suspect the variable binding is only for prepared statement population.

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