Brian's Waste of Time

Wed, 03 Nov 2004

(apparently (am I Lisp))

You are... Lisp!

(define bottles
  (lambda (n)
    (cond ((= n 0) (display "No more bottles"))
        ((= n 1) (display "One bottle"))
        (else (display n) (display " bottles")))
    (display " of beer")))

(define beer
  (lambda (n)
    (if (> n 0)
        (bottles n) (display " on the wall") (newline)
        (bottles n) (newline)
        (display "Take one down, pass it around") (newline)
        (bottles (- n 1)) (display " on the wall") (newline)
        (beer (- n 1))))))

(beer 99)

What programming language are you?

This one is pretty manipulable if you know anything about languages, and isn't all that clever, but is fun anyway =)

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