Brian's Waste of Time

Sat, 26 Mar 2005

Quantum Revision Control, d00d!

Forget relational algebra being the trump card, we've got something better now! (emphasis mine)

Darcs is a revision control system. Darcs is simple to learn and use, with a powerful new approach to meet the needs of today's distributed software projects. Darcs is decentralized, based on a "theory of patches" with roots in quantum mechanics.

I expected darcs to be either vastly amusing or awesome. Someone whipped out the Einstein disprover on the "my technology is cooler than yours because of maths" (physics now!). =)

Playing some, I like it thus far. Not ready to switch from my subversion-by-default policy, but going to work with it some more! Functional weenies make all the cool toys, maybe it's time to learn haskell after all.

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