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Tue, 21 Jun 2005

Continuous Performance Testing Seminar in Philly

My employer, Chariot Solutions, is holding a Continuous Performance Testing seminar on July 19th in Philadelphia (from the flyer):

Two weeks before a system goes live, you get the bad news. It's not even close to meeting performance goals. You call an emergency meeting and find out that there are major design flaws that were only revealed under load. Basic tuning won't help, so you're faced with two unhappy alternatives: miss the release date or go live and hope to fix performance in a point release.

You're not alone. Early detection of poor performance is a difficult problem. Recent integration trends, from SOA to ESB to portals, have made performance analysis even more complex, and more critical. Yet, how can you accurately predict the performance of a system before it has been implemented end to end? Faced with this challenge and the high cost of leading test tools, most teams plan to test performance in the final stages of the project past the point at which core designs can be changed.

There is another way. In this seminar, we'll share successful strategies for continuous performance testing throughout the software lifecycle, using proven techniques and free tools. Upfront planning defines goals and metrics for each component. Early prototypes validate new designs. Application scaffolding and test automation provide nightly feedback with minimal overhead. Monitoring frameworks follow the application into production, allowing timely analysis in those critical first weeks after a release. Throughout the process, the architect is in control, focusing on the problems that really do need to be fixed now, while avoiding premature optimization for those that don't.

It's free, so register if you're interested.

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