Brian's Waste of Time

Wed, 15 Mar 2006

Philly Emerging Tech '06 Warming Up

Erin (who I wish would start a blog) just told me that registrations for the Philly Emerging Technology conference (happening tomorrow) have topped 240. This is up from around 110 last year. Not too shabby! As it is free, I am sure some people registered who won't show, but... wow, not bad.

It's basically focused on open source tools which are "emerging" in the sense of new tools, or technologies which are just starting to see light in the traditional enterprise space, not to be confused with O'Reilly's ETech which tries to capture things really just emerging.

She also noticed that (accidentally) the schedule is almost neatly divided into two tracks, lightweight tools and heavyweight tools, except for that JSF thing that managed to sneak into the light track ;-)

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