Brian's Waste of Time

Sat, 16 Jul 2005

ApacheCon EU: Day 1

Okay, so day one is fudging it, the conference hasn't started, but I am here, so is my day one =) Had dinner with Rich Bowen in the hotel cafe. Who'd have thunk currywurst would be really good? It is. Several other folks are supposed to be here, and Rich spotted Sander, but I've not run into anyone. Looking forward to meeting up with Thomas Dudziak (a fellow (and much more productive than me!) OJB'er) tomorrow.

Flight was uneventful (yea!) and the train ride down from Frankfurt turned into a nap. Now I am trying to stay awake until a reasonable hour to try to get my internal clock on local time. I'm looking forward to the hackathon starting up. Okay, tired and rambling, off to wander around Stuttgart some more.

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