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Wed, 30 Jun 2004

Agile Java Expert Panel

Cannot miss this one, Josh Block, Scott Ambler, and Daniel Sternburg (and some other guy I have never heard of named Dan) doing an agile Java panel. This will be running notes =)

Apparently Scott is an xp'er. Different projects havve different characteristics which effect methodological ideas. Statistically about 60% of requirements change during developmnet. "agile" and "plan-driven" seem to be put at the ends of the spectrum. Craig Larman -- "Process is only a 2nd order effect."

Alistair C. put together a nice methdology graph based on communication capabilities in a team. Interesting part is how well agile-type development works in open source where communication bandwidth is crap.

Formulate and document requirements: WBS structure used for management to help handling requirement bucketing. Product Requirements, Team Rwquirements, Business Requirements. Daniel pointed out FIT and FITness for handling executable requiremets. Reminds me that I haven't looked at that tool for a while. He specifically talked about Groovy too (woo hoo!) Scott is a big fan of making stakeholders participate in the requirement process. Is also fan of high tech tools like pens and whiteboards. Josh is believer in use cases. Write to the use cases before implementing/specifying (test first)

Developer Documentation: Josh is huge on API docs. Docs create clear API's as they make you think about the corner cases. Javadoc is secret part of success of java (duh). Unit tests are documentation according to Dan NotS.

Architecture (Josh and Scott): Arch is critical. Disagreement on level of detail, but high level system design does happen even on the extremos. Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike Spike. Put performance charactersitics in the use cases.

Tools: Scott = { whiteboard, markers } Some talk about modeling tools and persisting whiteboards

XP everywhere? Umh, no, duh

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