Brian's Waste of Time

Tue, 19 Dec 2006


As I have been tagged by both Paul and Gianugo I better start playing! Five pieces of trivia about myself:

  1. The most peaceful times I have known were when I was working as a canoeing guide in the Adirondacks and I'd get up an hour before anyone else to drink mint chamomile tea while watching the fog burn off a lake.
  2. I love baking chocolate chip cookies. I'll make several dozen and not even eat any sometimes.
  3. My dream job as a teenager was to be a sailboat test driver.
  4. Children are generally afraid of me when I first meet them. My wife thinks it is the beard.
  5. I've never actually written a Session or Entity EJB which made it into production.

Now, to pass the buck, how about we hear from Robert, Torsten, Gus, Jon, and Shane.

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