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Tue, 09 Jan 2007

Mercurial For Documents (on Mac)

Apple's iWork apps work bloody nicely, but they have a vicious flaw in the '06 version -- they delete stuff inside the archive, such as .svn directories. This sucks, really badly, and means that if you use Keynote or Pages, and are paranoid about versioning (like a lot of folks) things, and like svn, you have gnashed for a while.

Anyway, I switched to using Mercurial for these docs. The main reason I like it for my docs directory is that it has a built-in concept of adding and removing things as needed. You can have a simple script like:

cd ~/Documents
/opt/local/bin/hg remove --after
/opt/local/bin/hg add
/opt/local/bin/hg commit -m "Commit docs from WorkFlow Script Thing"

Which does the ~right thing with regard to these broken archive things. I haven't haven't figured out the right way to do Pages and Keynote plugins/wrappers/magic to automatically do revisions on saving docs, when those docs are in the right directory, yet, but it is coming :-)

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