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Sun, 28 Dec 2008

Lazy Web: Blog Software

I'm using a customized blosxom at the moment, and it has served me well (particularly the static generation part) but it has been increasingly grating on me. Enough so that the grating has contributed to my hiatus from blogging, and I want to remedy this. So, I am looking for what to replace it with.

I want to find something that represents posts as text, plain html is fine, I do that with blosxom, but some other structur that accomodates formatting and code snippets is also fine.

I want to be able to write incrementally, in emacs, and have in-progress stuff in a VCS -- git, svn, whatever, I don't care that much, but offline access to the whole shebang is worth preferring one of the dvcs varieties.. I would love for publishing to be just merging to a published branch.

It should generate static content -- that is static html, atom, whatever else it generates.

Comments are part of the content, and frankly, I want to be notified of them by IM or email. I really don't want to outsource comments either.

It needs to run on a pretty old, pretty low powered, kind of crufty unix like server.

I don't need to port any existing entries to it -- a nice thing about static text is that it doesn't go away -- everything on this incarnation can, and will, stay exactly where it is.

So, what is shiny?

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