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Fri, 29 Dec 2006

Apple Support Woes

Apple chose not to fix a problem today, so I am falling back to the last resort of the consumer, warning others about a vendor. Back in August I sent my PowerBook back to Apple to have the "lower memory slot doesn't work" problem fixed, which is pretty common in this laptop. Anyway, they sent it back with a note saying "problem fixed by removing 3rd party memory." At least they were kind enough to put the two gigs of third party memory in a ziplock back and send it back. I do wonder what "fixed" means in the case where it won't boot without memory. In the long process of proving there was a problem over the phone, I put in the original 512 megs (2x256) and verified for the support person that it didn't work then either. Guess I screwed up by putting the two gigs back in to send it to Apple. Despite the report saying all they did was remove the memory, it looks like they replaced the motherboard as well, as it works now when I put that evil 3rd memory back in ;-)

Oh yeah, while they had it they replaced the battery as well (at least they did according to another note they sent back with it), as it was subject to their exploding battery recall. That is the root of the problem which leads to this post. They replaced the battery with a bum one which won't accept a charge. It won't even start charging.

So, I call Apple to see about getting a replacement battery. First person I talk to says no problem, but he needs to get a code to do it because it is not within the first year of my owning the computer. He goes about trying to get the code. Hold hold hold. He has to hand me off to a specialist. The specialist pulls up the report from August and says they didn't do anything but remove the third party memory. I point out they also replaced the battery (without my asking them to), or at least so it says on the note I got back from them. He drops the subject and says that they only replace batteries within a year of the purchase of the computer or 90 days of purchase of the battery, and he won't make an exception in my case. I am, apparently, welcome to write a letter to Apple about this, and maybe someone will do something about it.

So, Apple, here is a note explaining the problem. I figure this is more useful than a letter sent to Cupertino as at least it warns other folks about the level of support Apple is providing.

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