Brian's Waste of Time

Mon, 24 Nov 2003

Wish List (Free) Application Has Named Groups

The Wish List application now has named groups of people with whom you can share your #{ } gift wish list. I promised a number of people to get this in place before Thanksgiving and it is there. Woot.

The user interface is clunky at the moment and I am trying to find a better way to work it and maintain all the privacy requirements. Right now anyone can create a group. You can invite one of your friends to join a group in which you are already a member. You cannot invite someone who is not already your friend to join a group. You cannot ask to join a group, you must be invited. These last two are not ideal but I have yet to come up with a UI that isn't painful and maintains privacy. Suggestions are welcome.

btw - anyone is welcome to use the wish list, in various forms (it started in PHP) it has been live for three years but just not open to the public because of some scalability issues. Now it is available for anyone to use, so if you want to, enjoy. I just ask that you email me any bugs you find =)

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