Brian's Waste of Time

Thu, 23 Oct 2003

Early Christmas Present to Everyone: The Wish List

A couple years back my mother asked me if I could do something to help her keep track of everyone's Christmas lists. As my family is spread out geographically, our practice had been to coordinate through mom to make sure that my brother Keith didn't receive seven waffle irons in his stocking come Christmas day.

Anyway, I threw together a little application to help people publish a wish list for the holidays that helped make sure people didn't buy the same things for the same people, etc. Over the years it has grown a bit, and been introduced to the extended friends and family and people seem to like it.

If you think it can be of use to you, please feel free to use it, and share it with the people you exchange gifts with!

So, have fun with The Wish List if you will =)

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