Brian's Waste of Time

Sat, 27 Aug 2005

Stomp Notes

First, stomp won. It was close. =)

Second, am revoking the RC status to make a (backwards compatible) protocol change. Chatting with James and Joe (Joe is doing a .NET client, woot!) while fighting with WebLogic lead to an easy way to handle transactional consumes, so I'm going to finish up client ack and add support for transactional message acceptance before calling it 1.0. As Joy is out of town, that means probably by Sunday night =)

The haus kindly offered to host work, so if you're making a client, building an adaptor, or implementing a server in Erlang, drop me a note.

Oh yeah, James noted that a JDK 1.1 compatible client would be possible over on TSS when someone asked about it =) JMS on JDK 1.1, who'd have thunk.

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