Brian's Waste of Time

Sun, 07 Nov 2004

Shame On Me =)

Avi gently chastised me for displaying my lack of knowledge about Seaside. Anyway, lead me to doing some investigating and found, A) that Avi blogs! Gah, I didn't know this somehow. Subscribed. B) Seaside is totally different from the Cocoon/Struts-Flow/Original-Scheme-Paper implementation of continuation-based (er, I mean modal) web app design. C) Seaside has been conceptually ported to Ruby in ~500 lines of code!

Also grabbed latest Squeak and started playing again =) My Smalltalk is weak, but right now I think it may have nudged out ocaml and haskell for my 2005 language-to-learn. I am reminded that the default Squeak editor is... er, not vim, though.

Anyone know of a way to externalize text editing in Squeak? I know you lose the whole environment then but... oof. May be worth it =)

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