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Sun, 18 Jan 2004

Spring, SourceForge, and Self Hosting

I recognize that SF provides a lot of free services and don't get much in return, but the value can still be less than zero for a user if they can never access the cvs repository.

[brianm@kite ~/src]$ cvs login 
(Logging in to
CVS password: 
cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server Connection reset by peer
[brianm@kite ~/src]$

(Disclaimer on above snippet, I swapped for its cname in order to make the preformatted example nicer on browsers -- I use the full aname to attempt checkouts.)

This is what I get at least two-thirds of the time I try access anonymous CVS on SF. Please consider, RubyForge, Apache, or Codehaus for your project hosting needs if you are going to build a real project! has its quirks (most UI related, and incorrect docs for accessing CVS for some projects), but I have never seen its cvs servers go down. If it is a Java project you are considering putting on SF, consider

RubyForge is running the SF software and focusing on Ruby projects. The guys running it are very active in the Ruby community, and I have yet to see a problem with the service. If you are starting a Ruby project, it is a no brainer.

Apache has somewhat more stringent requirements than SF,, or RubyForge, but they are requirements easily met by a strong project. The biggest requirement is a strong community around the project -- this ensures the project will continue, will grow, and will remain supported. Apache aims to provide strong projects long term, and the key factor there is the people working in the project -- smart, diverse groups of people and high bus numbers lead to long lived, truly useful projects with the best solutions to problems.

Codehaus is similar to Apache in that it is harder to bring a new project in, and there are definate requirements. Codehaus takes in projects that have high quality codebases, are very cutting edge, and it doesn't hurt if you know Bob the Despot or work for ThoughtWorks ;-) OTOH, two developer projects without an existing community can get hosted there if they are brilliant projects.

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