Brian's Waste of Time

Tue, 24 Jun 2003

I Need a Scripting Language
I find myself doing more and more reflective programming in Java, which convinces me what i really need to do is start hacking in a scripting language instead of Java. I definately know Perl best at the moment, but I have serious aesthetic and maintainability issues with Perl.

Ruby is winning as the language I am most likely to use. It suffers a bit because most of the best documentation is in Japanese, which I very much cannot read (I understand martial arts Japanese only). That said, the language seems like one of the best designed things around.

Python needs consideration as well. It is a spankingly nice language - and via Jython I can embed it in Java (at least an old version of Python) which is a big plus since Java will definately remain my language of primary use for a while.

Was finally able to get the ruby-postgresql module to build - so looks like Ruby stands a good chance. Here goes.

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