Brian's Waste of Time

Fri, 14 Apr 2006


Ah, the birth of a brilliant name. The conversation started, innocently enough, discussing serialization strategies for web services and David wanting to have these "consistency" and "interoperability" things...

binerdog:      do you really want to parse atom in javascript in a browser?

chersobleptes: if a JSONified <entry/> is stupid for a profile, 
               an <entry/> in XML is just as stupid compared to 
               a more concise XML representation

binerdog:      in an atom context a profile being an entry is as accurate as 
               you get, in a javascript context it makes no sense

chersobleptes: So why is Javascript not (or shouldn't it become) 
               an atom domain as well?

binerdog:      why is a fish not a badger?

So David creates BadgerFish.

Which translates arbitrary XML (particularly Atom) into... JSON.

Content-type: application/atom+json anyone?

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