Brian's Waste of Time

Mon, 14 Jan 2008

Nu is Sweet!

Ran across Nu today in a reference from Brandon Warner. Nu is an interpreted lisp dialect with close ties to ruby and objective-c. Really :-)

The best way to illustrate this is probably to look at a snippet, in this case from the nuke tool bundled with Nu:

(unless @prefix
        (set @prefix 
             "#{((((NSProcessInfo processInfo) arguments) 0) dirName)}.."))

(unless @icon_files 
        (set @icon_files 
             (array "#{@prefix}/share/nu/resources/nu.icns")))

I won't point out the objc and ruby bits therein, as if you know one or both, you see them. It looks weird in places, but if you want to hack around on cocoa stuff, wowzers, it rocks. Check the converted form of ye olde currency converter (the first bit of cocoa programming for a lot of folks, myself included).

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