Brian's Waste of Time

Mon, 12 Apr 2004

MIT OpenCourseWare Gets Better and Better

A while back (during the time I was teaching, actually) when MIT announced their OpenCourseWare program I looked around and thought it was a cool idea. There wasn't much there, but I absolutely loved the concept as a learning addict and as a teacher. Good resources are time-intensive to create, and if there is anything teachers don't have much of it is time (and respect, and pay, and sanity, okay there is a lot teachers tend to lack). Why do you think an instructor will teach from the same notes for ten years?

Just stopped back in this morning for a peek. There is a lot there now, a whole lot. Following notes, readings, and lecture slides is far from the same as picking an expert's brain, but it sure is nice to be able to do (even if just to provide fodder for questions with which to go pick an expert's brain). Someday, maybe, I'll be able to afford to take the time off from work to get a more formal CS training, in the mean time I'll grab what I can and continue to annoy the nice people who keep answering questions for me.

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