Brian's Waste of Time

Sun, 04 Jun 2006

JavaScript as Compilation Target

Richard MacManus:

To create complex web applications, 'high-level language to Javascript' compilers have come into play ... As web applications grow more and more sophisticated, with lots of user interaction, it gets harder and harder to hand code it all in Javascript.
I don't know Richard, he may be a smart guy, but I think that I kind of think Dmitri Glazkov got it much more accurately:
Hiding Javascript behind another language's layer of abstraction is like killing puppies.
Seriously. Compiling to C is one thing. Compiling to MSIL is fine. Compiling to Forth is what the cool kids are doing. Compiling to one of the highest level languages around is silly. Learn JavaScript. The DOM is kinda nasty, the BOM is kind of wonky, but JavaScript is a fine language.

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