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Sun, 18 Jan 2004

The Object Transaction Manager is Supported in OJB 1.0!

Happy day, we decided to support the OTM in OJB 1.0. This is a really big deal as the OTM provides object space transactions, including distributed object space transactions, in non-managed environments. It makes the question "which API should I use in OJB" very easy to answer -- the OTM.

The other big benefit is real support for truly transparent persistence -- no need for makePersistent(...) calls as persistence by reachability (reference or collection) is implemented, so elements created via a simple new and added to a collection on a persistent object will be inserted automagically, as will direct references (1:1). Woot!

This was all doable under the ODMG API previously, but the PersistenceBroker API, despite being a lower level API, is just much nicer to use most of the time -- particularly for programmatic construction, and the PB style query-by-criteria and query-by-example type queries are both supported directly on the OTM.

The biggest deal is that the PB API being supported on the OTM makes implementing other query mechanisms really easy (JDO will be built on it, for example) as the PB is pretty much designed for use in building higher level API's (the current ODMG implementation is built directly on the PB, for 1.1 the ODMG layer will be moved to run on top of the OTM).

Side effect -- I have a lot of docs to write on the OTM and a very short time to do it before we release as the last couple bugs are about wrapped, and the biggest (a dedicated lock server for distributed object locks) is in as of this morning thanks to the indefatiguable Thomas Mahler.

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