Brian's Waste of Time

Fri, 20 Jun 2003

Migratosaur Has Composite Steps

The world rejoices. Or maybe not - has not gotten around to approving the project, so no one knows it exists. Ah well, if it reaches 1.0 before they approve it I will attempt to move it to Their is no sandbox there yet, but hey, who knows.

Composite steps are a biggie - basically can have lots of steps in one file finally. I get ahead of myself as readers of this august and unread forum don't know what migratosaur is. It is basically an automated database migration system akin to a one-way versioning system for database schemas and content. In theory it can do more, but that ios the goal of it. It does java, BeanShell, SQL, dependency resolution, and can track what has been done to the database int he past to only execute what it needs now. Sorta handy. I'll link to the project page if ever gets around to approving it.

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