Brian's Waste of Time

Thu, 28 Dec 2006

jDBI has come a Long Way!

Just added Spring (2.0) support back into jDBI (2.0). When I started I looked back at the 1.4 codebase to see what I had done in the previous version... The 2.0 is much smaller, lighter, and has less special stuff. Yea!

This has been my first chance to work with Spring 2.0 and I rather like it. The SPI for playing with the transaction manager is pretty much identical, which is cool. The @Transactional annotation stuff works very nicely. I also learned, along the way, that Derby supports nested transactions. Sweet!

Anyway, jDBI has come a helluva long way in two years. The 2.0 codebase is getting the kinks worked out and I really like it.

Anywho, jDBI 2.0pre13 has been cut. I am trusting the codebase, so hopefully will hit a 2.0 final soon. In prerelease form it trumps 1.4.X right now, but I don't want to rule out API tweaks until I've used it anger a bit more.

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