Brian's Waste of Time

Wed, 18 Feb 2004

DynAOP Relicensed!

Bob changed the license on dynaop to ASL 2.0! Wow. That is the death nell for Yail, but in a good way, as Yail is now just a slightly less round wheel =)

It's probably safe to consider Yail deprecated unless I get a lot of pushback -- I am willing to keep working on it, but right now not much is happening. Chris has talked about adding the baking in but I don't know its state. If anyone has built significantly on top of it let me know as I don't want to leave anyone hanging in the wind.

Argh, it's tough to let a project go you've worked hard on (if for only a short while), but its silly to continue something for which you have found a better solution and may just be ego-padding by continuing =)

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